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Drum Lessons

Dan Lancelot performing at Nita's Hideaway with Gloritone

Lesson Focus

♦ Rock, Pop, Funk, Reggae, Calypso, Jazz and Brazilian rhythms and fills.
♦ Learn how rudiments and stick technique facilitate groove and fill ideas.
♦ Increase your skill level with metronome controlled exercises.
♦ Discover and learn the linear approach to drumming.
♦ Jazz concepts, sight-reading and ear training.
♦ Studio pre-production and drum tuning.

Medley of song clips representing Dano's studio and live performance style.

Dan "Dano" Lancelot has provided the back beat in numerous rock influenced bands including RCA recording artist Gloritone, touring drummer for Skunk recording artist Slightly Stoopid,
jazz ensembles, world beat bands, and cover bands.

All lessons are considered music lessons and my students receive a tailored program suited to their individual level and personal goals. I will teach you how to play drums to bass and guitar accompaniment providing a practical application of groove, meter and rhythm.

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Tenor Steel Drum Lessons

 Dano's Island Sounds performing at Canes in San Diego, CA

Lesson Focus
♦ Chromatic, Major, Minor, Dominant & Diminished scales and chords ascending/descending.
♦ Calypso and Soca rhythms and concepts, mallet control, sight-reading and ear training.
♦ Metronome controlled exercises, Major/minor Thirds & Triads.
♦ Begin playing island tunes immediately.

Accepting new students March 2014. Beginning to advanced player's welcome.
In Studio Rates: $50- 1 Hour Lesson

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